Facts About Miva Development

E-commerce stores abound in the net nowadays. Obviously, it has become the trend in selling products and services in a more practical and convenient way. It is therefore wise to partner with a solutions provider like Miva development in order to maximize on gaining profits and provide excellent products and services to clients online. What is Miva? What are the key features they offer as solutions for the e-commerce merchants and the clients as well? How does it work? What is the role of Miva contractors? Read on and find out.

On Miva

Miva, from the time it was launched in 1996, has grown to be the leader in providing a way for software developers as well as merchants to be able to manage, operate and build their virtual storefronts. It has been providing since then, the needed e-commerce merchant software to both small and medium enterprises.

On Product Lines

One of their products is the Miva Merchant which is a system used for the management and development of storefronts. Its primary feature is integrating the credit card processing, order processing, catalog, fulfillment, product maintenance, shopping cart, and category management. It also configures processing modules like the shipping routes and payment gateways.

Another product is the Miva Order which is inteneded for the merchant with just a few items to sell. It’s a transaction enabled order form that works through a link from the merchant’s website enabling clients to order and purchase items. Merchants can customize these order forms so that the process is simplified when it comes to calculation of shipping costs, sales tax and formatting of currency. Built in payment options are also available like verisign, credit card verification, cardservice international, cybercash and cybersource.

How does Miva Development work?

Aside from the product line features mentioned above, Miva has designed new merchandising abilities to support the promotion of the store. It also makes use of Intuit Quickbooks and added controls in improving the look of the storefront. The related product feature also gives the merchant an edge to do cross selling by presenting complementary products or related accessories to particular items.

For better synchronization amongst clients and product information, Miva is integrated with Quickbooks by Intuit Software. The Miva Empresa is also used as an interpretative engine for the Miva Script for interpretation of commands. It is used for testing stores before uploading it to a webserver. In order to enhance functions, customize database queries and process merchant server and custom process the modules, the Miva API is used.

What is the role of a Miva contractor?

On the Miva community, there are members who are not really selling products/services. What they do sell are their consulting services as a Miva contractor to Miva-based merchants. Engaging their services help those who are not experts yet in navigating the Miva system. They act as professional independent contractors under an agreement with the e-commerce merchant using the Miva system. Finding the right Miva contractors is key to the success of the e-business.